M2M Solution

EUCAST M2M solution is a organic combination of mobile communication network
and sensor network. The solution offers user's convenience, energy savings and security.
All of these services are provided by a web-based environment,
it is possible for any place or at any time.

  • Home Automation and Intelligent building solution
  • Home Automation and Intelligent building solution makes your life easier, it makes your life more comfortable, it saves your energy, it gives you more security.
  • Managing all lights, all curtains, all pipelines, all air conditions, all dimmers lights, all sound systems, all IP cameras, motion sensors,
    all gates automation, heater and convenience utilities is what Home Automation is all about.
  • All of these items can be operated through touch screen in the house, or far through Smart Phone system, and PC via web.
  • Energy Management Solution
  • A web-based, strictly secured central management system is available to continuously collect, save and present current and historical information.
  • Provides an intuitive GUI using the individual / groups management and Map.
  • Location Based Service
  • Identify the location of the children at the amusement park.(Tracking and Prevent stray children)
  • Two-way emergency alerts.
  • Health care solution
  • Remote medical support and self-diagnosis are possible.

  • Home Automation(Contral & AMI) /
    Intelligent Building & Automation Solution
  • Health Care Management S olution
  • Energy Management Solution
    (ex. Street Light Control)
  • LBS Management Solution
  • Home Automation &
    Building Management

    home utilities

    office equipment

    white goods/appliances



  • Energy management

    power consumption
    meter (remote)

    power saving control

    energy management

  • Location Based Service

    stray child prevention

    location tracking system

    white goods/appliances

  • Medical & Healthcare

    emote medical assistance


  • Transportation

    logistics history